HCG Diet Drops – Effective Weight Loss Just as HCG Injections

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Official HCG Diet Plan and DropsThe HCG diet comes in two different versions, the injections, and the HCG diet drops.

If you are a first-time user, the HCG diet drops will be more than enough for you in order to promote significant weight loss. More experienced users or those who are doing the HCG diet with a doctor involved could consider using injections instead.

But it is far easier and more convenient to use the HCG diet drops because you do need to inject yourself on a daily basis which can be very time to consume and cost money if you let your doctor do the injections.

Injections Versus HCG Droplets

Using injections instead of drops is a little bit more effective since the HCG only passes by your liver one time instead of two times. This tends to filter off some of the effectiveness away from the human chorionic gonadotropin.

A first-time user will hardly notice the difference and under normal circumstances, the diet itself will be more than enough for you to promote an effective weight loss in as little as 21 days.

The Best Way to Use HCG Diet Drops

When using the HCG drops the best to do it is to put 10 drops right under your tongue 3 times a day. Make sure not to swallow the HCG but kind of let it sink in. That way it will be taken up into your bloodstream far more effective than if you just swallowed it all.

The Diet Plan Itself Using HCG Drops

Just as if you were using injections the best way to do the HCG Diet plan itself is to do the 3 phases recommended by the inventor of the Official HCG Diet Dr. Simeon

Loading, diet, and the maintenance phase which we have described in our article The Official HCG Diet Plan and Droplets for Your Weight Loss

The Calories Needed for Weight Loss in the HCG Diet

You can either decide to go all the way with the 500-calorie diet or play a little safe doing the 1000 calorie diet, it is basically up to you.

However, if you are used to taking in at least 4000 calories daily, you are probably better off starting out with the 1000 calorie diet.

If you just need to lose a couple of pounds and your calorie intake is relatively healthy you can stick to the 500 calories.

Remember it is not the end of the world if you need to adjust it while being on the HCG Diet.

HCG Diet Drops and Side Effects

Using the HCG diet drops is relatively safe and can only cause minor issues that are easy to resolve and that you can read more about here.

If you are concerned about side effects HCG diet drops are a better alternative than the injections and should be considered.

The Official HCG Diet Plan and Drops

If you want to get started losing some weight using HCG diet drops, we recommend you to get started with the Official HCG Diet, which comes with everything you need to become successful with your diet.

The principles behind the Official HCG Diet derives from Dr. Simeon the Doctor who created the original HCG diet back in the fifties.

The Official does not only deliver the HCG diet drops but also a complete HCG guide and diet plan for both the 500 and 1000 calorie diet.

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